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Peruvian Food has a variety of ingredients that consists of great flavors and aromas. The diversity provides us with different cooking methods from each of Peru’s regions. It is also enriched with the culinary contributions of eastern and european immigrants that given peruvian cuisine a mixture of delicious, unique and incomparable flavor.

What is ROCOTO? since about 2,000 b.c, “aji”, a general term for chile peppers in south america, has been a part of peruvian cuisine. they were worshipped by the incas and are immortalized in fine pottery and jewelry. rocoto is a peruvian specialty aji, has a unique taste and is believed to impart a “cold heat” that attacks the taste but not the digestive system. while rocoto is not the hottest aji, it is nevertheless known as “levanta muerto” (raising the dead).

A few words from Jorge:

Peru has recently commenced a gastronomic revolution the world has never seen before but has definitely been felt in each of its corners. The most important news media are raving about peruvian cuisine. Peruvian food is simply fantastic. Peru has an abundant supply of unique ingredients like quinoa, lucuma, among many others. Not that many people know that Peru alone has over 3,800 different types of potatoes. As a chef, my professional background comes from all of my experiences: I had the opportunity to study at Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles, a world-renowned culinary school, in addition to learning home-made recipes from my peruvian-chinese parents and daily exposure with all of my co-workers throughout the years. I am sure you will enjoy the El Rocoto experience.

Jorge W. Chan, Chef & Owner


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